ANS: ICT is an acronym for information technology
ANS: All organizations and the entire human endeavour need ICT services
ANS: Our company offers two robust methods of website management:
i. Consultational Site Management: Under this category, we charge a token periodically for maintaining, updating and uploading files to the client’s website on their behalf.
ii. Coaching: An individual ro group of individuals is being coatched on the basic managerial skills need to fully manage the company website. A token is also charged for this service
ANS: Identify your company’s core service(s) and pick up corresponding IT programmes/course(s) from IYKE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS’ list of Basic and Professional ICT Skills Development Training Programme. Apply for your IT training here
ANS: Yes. We train both corporate bodies and individuals on both basic and advanced IT systems. We offer both indoor and out-door training services. We have an excellent track record in training and re-training programmes sequel to our rich experiences with both the private and the public sectors
ANS: Just call any of our official lines to place your request or you can send us a mail by filling the contact form…. As a company/individual, you enjoy free advisory roles plus numerous value-added platforms which would be integrated into you website to boost your businesses activities online.
Is IYKE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS safe for my company to partner with to run a bigger project?
ANS: Yes. The company is fully registered since February 20, 2014 with the Corporate Affairs Commission with full accreditation to run its businesses as an IT company.
Are there benefits my company derive from having a website?
ANS: There are enemous benefits for your company.
• Prospective clients can find and learn more about you
• You can share your expertise with the whole world
• Serves as a hub for your social media profiles
• Builds Professionalism/Reputation