Project Brief

Design of computer graphics, logos and corporate profiles for organizations. We also manage official presentations and animated slides.

The Challenge

One major challenge barricading against the full mastery of computer graphic design is lack of patience and inconsistency understanding colour management and the act of choosing which application is most suitable for which design.

The Solution

We start with everyday graphic program and the make sure our students get a good grasp of it before moving to more complex ones. Then we try as much as we can to make them to follow up.

Conceptual Design Samples


The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design

The mastery of different graphics applications and their respective suitability criteria.

Colour Combination

Avoid the blunder called “colour rioting” at all cost.

Design App

Know which graphic application is most suitable for which design.

Brand Strategy

The industry is for creative minds, so it’s incumbent on the designer to be original.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Thank you for your creativity and they school logo.
Mr Edwin C. Nwobu
Great work there, thank you.
Peniel Children Academy