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We offer a wide range of professional and responsive website and custom blog designs that have no downtime all year round. Our designs are different from others because we integrate all key parameters and components which boost the performance and availability of your website and custom blogs 24/7 all year round. It is obvious to state here that most websites and blogs hosted on the internet often experience a lot of downtime due to poor hosting platforms, negligence and unprofessionalism of the developer.

Our designs include:

  • Corporate Website Design
  • Entertainment Website Design
  • Shopping Website
  • Community/Archive Website
  • Portal Website Design
  • Custom Blog Design
  • Blogger Setup
  • Maintenance and Management of websites & blogs for corporate organizations and individuals
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At Iyke Technology Solutions, we offer contemporary computer networking services for homes and offices. We assist corporate organizations and institutions to setup both simple and complex computer networks to facilitate the sharing of printers, scanners, internet access and computer files among users/staff.

Computer Networking is an essential aspect of information technology which ensures the security of systems, sharing of files and computer resources in a network. In this way, one printer or scanner could be shared among several computers and files are made accessible among computers without using external storage devices which often introduce viruses into the computers. We have vast expirence in computer networking; hence we have set up computer labouratories of several school, inluding Think Client configuration.

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Do you need assistance in resolving your computer hardware and software problems? We have a group of hardware experts that can troubleshoot, repair, service and upgrade all makes and models of your desktop computers. Our technical support services include:

  • Hardware upgrade
  • Faulty Hardware Repair
  • Hard Drive Problems Resolution
  • Configuration and Troubleshooting of Software
  • Data Transfer, Data Backup and Data Recovery
  • Drivers installation
  • Removal of Viruses, Spyware and Adware
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Our branding and concept development team is dedicated to assisting you create unique and appealing branding that translates your business ideas to your target market. Our graphics designers have the requisite experience to create:

  • Official logo Design
  • Eye-catching business cards,
  • Letterhead Design
  • Pamphlet and Flyer Design
  • Poster Designs
  • PowerPoint Slide Presentation

Contact us for management of the full profile of your newly founded businesses or ventures, Iyke Technology Solutions is perfectly equipped to assist you create that perfect brand for your new business ideas. We also prepare PowerPoint slides for your official presentations at workshops and seminars.

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We offer a suite of customized software solutions for business development. We have a dedicated team of experienced software professionals who are capable of producing latest software applications that reflect your business requirements.

One of our software application designs include “Automated students’ result computation software” which was designed on request for Golden Good Shepherd Nursery, Primary and Junior Secondary School, Kubwa, Abuja and other task-based software products. We also design Apps for schools and other bodies.

Our designs follow contemporary software engineering paradigms for suitability of purpose and usability. We also do mass software installation and management for organisations and special duties.



Iyke Technology Solutions offers the best of entrepreneurial capacity training courses for both corporate bodies and individuals ranging from computer appreciation to professional courses in information technology. All training courses are practical-based and they include:

  • Introduction to computer and the internet
  • Microsoft Suite (word, excel, access, power-point, publishing)
  • Website/Portal Development (using Dreamweaver and CMS)
  • Computer Maintenance, Repair & Support Services
  • Graphic Design (using Adobe Photoshop CS5, Fireworks CS5 and CorelDraw)
  • Animation & Videos (using Indesign), and
  • Computer Networking


iyke social media marketing

We create and effectively manage social media accounts (such as official Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts) to boost online affiliate marketing of businesses.

Activities we perform include: Design graphic image and captivating briefs and write-up to attract visitors online, Create adverts based on current happenings, Post pictures, videos, and current official activities on the various social accounts and Follow up comments and requests/suggestions from online followers/audience

What you Stand to Benefit: 100% awareness of your business online and increased audience coverage and high return on your business and profit due to online affiliate marketing of goods and services

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