A glass of freshly squeezed juice certainly beats the mass-produced kind you’d buy off a store shelf — after all, it’s both tasty and nutritious. Yet making fresh juice at home has always been a lot of work and a big mess. Now, a company has developed a new high-tech juicer that can deliver fresh, organic juice with the simple push of a button.

The new juice system, made by the company Juicero, operates much like a single-cup coffee brewing system, but for juice. You simply insert a packet of organic fresh fruits and vegetables into a countertop press, and press a button. Within minutes, the machine produces an 8-ounce (237 milliliters) glass of freshly made, cold-pressed juice.

What makes fresh juice better than the bottled stuff in regular grocery stores? Most of the mass-produced juices available to shoppers are made using a centrifuge, which heats the produce as it extracts water and other soluble nutrients away from the fibrous pulp. Heat leads to oxidation, which often affects taste, and some people argue that this process diminishes the nutrition of the juice as well. [9 Healthy Habits You Can Do in 1 Minute (Or Less)]